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Warehouse industries

Logistics has always been the driver of the world progress, however the scale of supply chain processes in the globalized world demands automation. Well-organized B2B and B2C logistics can become a “new oil” for companies, whose processes are set to be quick and flawless.

Today, similar logistics processes are shared by both logistics operators and trade-oriented companies, such as:

3pl operators, delivery companies — companies whose main task is to outsource full-cycle logistics operations. In addition to cargo delivery services, intermodal companies often carry out the functions of receiving cargo, escorting cargo to the carrier, and providing a range of services, which includes: transportation of goods, warehousing, through warehousing, sorting, technical inventory management, packaging and freight forwarding.

E-Commerce companies providing online trading, storage and positioning services for both their own products and third-party products on their own marketplace platforms.

Fulfillment centers providing outsourcing services for manufacturers of goods, vendors and distributors, online stores, exporters and importers. Their list of services includes: processing and picking orders, receiving payments, warehousing, sorting, packaging, delivery, return processing and technical support for business customers.

Retail & Apparel — companies whose organization principle is the wholesale purchase of goods with subsequent sale at their outlets. These include boutiques, supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail chains.

All these areas are united by the common task of forming supply chains to provide high-quality service.

Robotic solutions from Deus Robotics can significantly increase the efficiency of such business processes by automating and replacing manual labor. All warehouse-based companies have such tasks as:

  • Cargo receptation
  • Unloading
  • Sorting
  • Distribution of goods in the warehouse
  • Order batching
  • Loading for the purpose of the subsequent expedition

Deus Robotics’ robotic solution allows to:

  • Fully automate the management of logistics processes
  • Increase the efficiency to up to 10 times compared to manual labor
  • Transfer logistics processes into 24/7 operational mode
  • Reduce errors by eliminating the human factor
  • Flexibly scale the number and size of warehouses, as well as integrate this solution into business processes
  • Receive real-time statistical information
Warehouse industries