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Deus S30 Sorting Robot - Robot for Warehouse Automation

The Deus S30 is a robot agv for warehouse that provides adaptability and increases automation in conveyorized environments in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or other industrial facilities. It loads and unloads bags, crates and packages weighing up to 30 kg so employees can work on tasks that require human decision-making instead of caring, loading or unloading manually. This sorting robot has a charging time of 3 hours, and working hours of up to 12 hours when fully loaded. The work rate can be counted at 100 parcels per hour, which is much higher and cheaper than what a regular worker can do.
Deus Sorting Robots

Deus S30 Sorting Robot Key Benefits

Deus S30 Sorting Robot

High efficiency

The robot sorting process has to be precisely calibrated. The high efficiency of warehouse robots agv therefore guarantees that they will continue to be used in warehouses around the world for many years to come.


Your robot agv werehouse processes are guaranteed to work for a long time.

High Flexibility

This also enables robots to work in dynamic environments that change over time. This means that the robot can complete a task at one time and then resume work on it later when conditions have changed. (e.g., when an employee has left for lunch or if there is an emergency situation that requires increased attention from other employees).

Deus S30 Sorting Robot Features

Deus S30 robots can solve many basic management problems in automated guided vehicle warehouse.

Robotic sorting can replace manual sorting

Expand or replace existing conveyor workflows without adding additional infrastructure by automating the loading and unloading of totes, bins and packages from/to conveyors.


It also allows robots to avoid collisions with people or other objects in their path, using sensors to detect potential obstacles and then avoiding them automatically without relying on human input or intervention.


Workers can safely work in close proximity to these machines without fear of injury from them.

Explore How Deus S30 Sorting Robot Works

Makes It Simple to Deploy and Manage with Deus Robots Management System ™ (Deus RMS ™)

Deus Moving Robots specializes in building automated guided vehicles in warehouse that can help businesses improve their operations and save money by automating some of their most time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks. We work with you to understand your needs and develop a solution tailored to your needs, so that we can provide the best possible experience for both your employees and your customers. The main benefit of using this type of warehouse logistics agv robot is that it can help with reducing the amount of time it takes for workers to move around within a warehouse.

Why Deus Robotics for Warehouse Robotics Automation

At Deus Robotics, we’re convinced that automation is the key to making warehouses more efficient and productive. We’ve spent years developing a suite of warehouse robot agv solutions that are designed to work with your existing infrastructure, saving you money and allowing you to be more flexible in your operations.

Start your journey with us Today

We are a company focused on the development of automated guided vehicle and its production. We have developed a new model of robotic warehouse sorting that combines all the benefits of previous models, with the ability to perform complex tasks and work in any environment. In addition, our warehouse agv robot is designed to be easy to use and maintain.

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