Sorting Robot

Sorting Robot

Max sorted parcels per hour: 100;
Lifting capacity: 30kg;
Time to full charge: 3 hours;
Max working time: 12 hours.

The S Bot 10 is a solution designed to sort goods up to 30kg in any workshop or warehouse area, no matter the configuration. It is convenient and easy to use with its autonomous functionality.

The robot has a sorting weight of 10kg, length of 72cm, width 52cm, and height of 80cm. It achieves a speed of up to 2m/s with a carrying weight of 40kg.

Battery charging time is 3 hours and can run for up to 12 hours. This robot is useful for sorting goods.

Why use our robots?


Save resources


Research shows that many companies spend on things that can be handled easily by robots. Robots offer a total of 200 hours of work for one worker.

That means where you would need to hire 200 workers, you invest in one robot, and all your needs are taken care of. Besides, the robots are available 24/7. As long as they have enough power, they should handle all the work for the given amount of time.

Our robots payback is up to 24 days of work of the worker with eight hours a shift. This is the best way for companies to save some money and invest in other things.

Technical feasibility

We value our customers and want to offer the best services possible. Deus Robotics is a young, fast-growing high-tech company dedicated to improving business processes.

Our customer support team is always ready to lend a helping hand and answer all your questions. We build custom and personalized solutions based on customer needs.

Prototypes on our bots assembled from manufactured parts are always available. There is a possibility of their going into production with 10 to 12 months. Timely and efficient service delivery is the foundation of our operation. We are happy when our customers and are happy. And everything we do is customer-oriented.



The growing demand for and usefulness of autonomous robots has led to the production of sub-standard products. Many companies are finding it hard to trust robotic companies because of these issues.

Dues Robots aims to restore the good name of the industry by offering the highest quality of products. Our solutions include heavy bots, rack bots, and interior finishing bots. They are designed to meet specific user needs.

We have a global management structure with a top-notch engineering discipline. We are committed to excellence and consistency.

Using our robots promises expectable and repeatable quality for all surfaces. By partnering with Deus Robotics, you gain access to a world of high-end solutions.

Deus Robotics was established in 2018 to offer the highest quality ever in technology fields. We aim to pitch ourselves as a global leader in the next few years. And that is why quality is crucial to our business.

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Sorting Robot