We offer the following services that make us unique

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Our team offers diagnostics of production processes. We aim to assure convenience and efficiency for our customers.

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We help our customers create an individual solution that meets their needs. We offer personalized custom robots for every use.

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Deus software allows for easy integration into the ecosystem of your business’s operation.

Deus Robotics – Software Services

Deus Robot is a young start-up tech company dedicated to offering highly complex solutions to support and optimize customer’s businesses. Our team aims to solving tasks for fulfillment and sorting operations in different industries, like logistics, e-commerce, and the construction.
Our company was established in 2018 in Kyiv with the goal of providing the highest quality automated logistics and warehouse equipment. Customers around the world trust autonomous mobile robots because of their affordability and reliability.

We are committed to supporting our customers

Deus Robotics is not just about building incredible products for the world. We also focus on building long-lasting relationships.
Therefore, our customers enjoy additional services that complement the proposals we give them. Our team of experts is always there to make sure you can easily integrate the Deus Robotics with our logistic systems. We want your warehouse or whatever configuration to be fully efficient and useful.

Our software solutions include:



Deus Robotics are highly efficient and strong. We use the highest quality standards to make our products. And we want every customer to feel proud and comfortable using them.

However, the system cannot be achieved by simply shipping an AGC and a software installer. The process can be quite complex, requiring a project-oriented scope. Technical, software, and integration aspects of this system can be quite demanding.
We realized that many customers hire unqualified installers and end up regretting. It is sad when your investment goes to waste because someone did not pay close attention to details.

Deus Robotics has its team of project managers, consultants, and developers. You already have specific information about the business and what we do. However, we still bring you detailed knowledge of logistics and workflow. We also provide accountability and integration technology for your specific needs.
Success to us is when our customers succeed. And that is why we offer these consultants and professionals.


Frequent upgrades

Technological development is progressive. Deus Robotics want to keep every customer up-to-date with emerging trends and technologies.

Our solutions are built on a common framework. Hence, we provide a continuous upgrade package. These upgrades are crucial to supporting the current web browsers, keeping you updated on the current security qualifications.

Our services guarantee a fully functional framework during the upgraded of common browsers. We want our customers to get the best from their investment.



Deus Robotics is dedicated to excellence in customer support. Our help desk is therefore responsible for the implementation of our products. We are, therefore, up to speed with every aspect of your project.

Our advanced helpdesk services can resolve issues like “Issue Tracking” systems where customers can follow up on incidences as reported in real-time.
We are here for you 24 hours, every day of the week.


Remote assistance

Our system is designed with a wide range of remote applications that can monitor your software. With this, our support desk can help in the management of that particular software from a distance.

Our team offers periodic visits to the site if the customer desires.