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Deus Moving Robots — AGV Warehouse Robots

Deus moving robots is a company that specializes in automated guided vehicle warehouse operations. We are currently developing a new technology called AGV (automated guided vehicle), which is a robotic system designed to move around warehouses and other industrial facilities.

Rack Moving Robot

Deus Moving Robots
robot agv for warehouse is able to carry out tasks such as moving inventory between storage locations. The moving robot also uses a laser rangefinder so it knows how far away objects are from it so it can make sure not to run into them while moving around the warehouse.


  • Weight, kg: 120
  • Dimensions, mm: 800 x 670 x 300
  • Rated Load, kg: 300
  • Full load rated speed, m/s: 1
  • Rated battery life, h: 8
  • Charging time, h: 1 or 3 (charging station dependent)
  • Working temperature, C(F): 0-45 (32-113)
  • Charging temperature, C(F): 0-45 (32-113)
  • Obstacle detection: Yes

Covering full moving scenarios for Warehouse

It’s important to ensure that your employees are protected while handling these items, so you’ll need to invest in the right equipment.
We have mobile agv robot that range from transporting heavy racks to pallet and bin moving, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.


Transporting heavy racks

How many people do you need on hand to move the load? If there are only a few racks, one person may be able to move them with no problem. However, if you have an entire warehouse full of these items, the right mobile robot agv will be needed in order to complete the task safely and efficiently.

Transporting Pallet & Bin Moving

Whether it’s pallets and bin moving or heavy machinery, we’ve got the experience and expertise to handle it all. We’ll offer our warehouse pallet moving robot to work with your team and help you design a plan that keeps everything running smoothly during all the processes.

Unique advantages of Moving Solution for Warehouse Automation

Creating unmatchable values for clients

Rapid Deployment

With automation and efficient robotics, it’s never been easier to get more done in less time. Rapid Deployment is a new approach to deploying agv mobile robot that maximizes your ROI while reducing costs and risk.

Smooth Operations

Our warehouse picking and moving robots designed with redundancy in mind. If a robot stops working due to mechanical failure or software glitch, no work will be lost; others will continue doing their jobs while the broken one gets fixed.

High Efficiency

In addition to the high speed and accuracy at which these warehouse robots agv operate, they also provide a significant cost savings when compared with human labor. An average worker would require a salary of plus to match the productivity of agv moving robot.

High Flexibility

This high flexibility allows the machines to work in a wide range of environments and conditions, increasing their overall efficiency and productivity. High flexibility is a key feature of warehouse automated guided vehicles.

Highly Adaptable

The adaptation of warehouse agv robot has been working in warehouses since its inception. And we’ve developed unique systems that work in these challenging environments. So you can use them in any area.

Why Deus Robotics for Warehouse Robotics Automation

We’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible support, no matter how big or small their needs. We specialize in both mobile and fixed robotic solutions, from low-cost collaborative robots to high-end automated guided vehicles. Our team has experience with many industries, including automotive, food & beverage, electronics/electricals, pharmaceuticals/medical devices, warehouse logistics agv robot and more.

Start your journey with us Today

We are a growing company focused on the development of technologies for automated guided vehicles in warehouse and their production. We know how to work with our clients to find the best solution for their needs. We are proud to offer our customers consulting in order to help them make an informed decision when choosing a particular product.

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