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Warehouse Logistics & 3PL Automation

3pl warehouse automation is the automation of 3rd party logistics (3PL) and distribution centers. It uses technology to optimize the resources of all parties involved in the distribution network, with the aim of reducing costs and enhancing productivity. Deus Robotics is dedicated to enabling our customers to optimize their workflows in warehouses, factories and production facilities by using Automated Guided Vehicles and their accompanying software.
Warehouse Logistics & 3PL Industry

Modern solution for automation of warehousing processes

It’s important to ensure that your employees are protected while handling these items, so you’ll need to invest in the right equipment.
We have mobile agv robot that range from transporting heavy racks to pallet and bin moving, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.


Powerful AGV's designed for warehouse logistics

AGVs, or Automated Guided Vehicles, are a type of automated transport technology used to transport raw materials in a facility, warehouse, and similar location. The AGVs are commonly found in the automotive sector as well as in other areas of production. Automated Guided Vehicles is an integrated solution which can be rolled out for large-scale automation projects through the integration of different components and subsystems with smart algorithms. This solution includes essential elements like navigation or collision avoidance algorithms, detailed coverage optimization, warehouse automated solutions, and maintenance management.
Automated guided vehicles are intended for a variety of warehouse logistics applications, including picking, sorting and loading. They are powerful and effective in a wide range of temperatures and offer high performance.
In short. AGVs can improve logistics warehouse and maintenance. From optimizing inventory, to reducing overhead costs and increasing efficiency, AGVs are designed for the needs of warehousing professionals today.

Make an immediate impact on productivity

Automation and speed are two significant factors in improving productivity. In order to make an immediate impact on productivity, these factors of certain processes can be improved. These benefits have a higher business value than any other cost savings from robotics in warehouse automation. Automation and speed of certain processes are affected by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The business benefit is that we are able to automate our process, which enables us to focus on higher-level tasks. Additionally, our customers get faster service since we take the time needed to learn from what our customers are doing in order to improve their experience. If you want to be able to achieve these things, it is imperative that you use software that allows automation and the processing of data at high speeds. By using the right software, you will be able to make decisions faster, which can help your business grow.

Real-time data to anticipate the unexpected

Real-time data is essential for any efficient supply chain management. By analyzing real-time information, companies can anticipate the unexpected problems and proactively respond to those events. For example, during a transportation incident, automated warehouse solutions can be used to determine the location and status of your shipments, which will allow you to deploy resources as needed before being overwhelmed. In addition, with up to date information about customers’ needs and how best to meet them, you can quickly adapt your business model throughout the supply chain in order to meet demand and keep costs low.
Automation of the logistics warehouse robotics allows you to track and manage information in real time, so that disruptions to your supply chain can be anticipated and dealt with before the situation gets out of hand. The advantage for warehouse operations is improved revenue, customer satisfaction, and improved productivity.

Why Deus Robotics for Automated Warehouse Storage Solutions

System Directed Workflows

A significant advantage of Deus robotics warehouse automation for the niche.

It helps connect all warehouse automation robotics to a single dashboard where each customer can access reports on their order status. The dashboard runs custom scripts and other warehouse robotics automation tasks specific to business needs.

Configurability & Capacity

These are two of the key differentiators that make Deus Robotics the best automated solution in the warehouse.
  • Configurability makes it possible for us to configure robots in warehouses to perform any number of tasks with easy scalability.
  • Our architecture allows us to deliver higher ROI compared to other automated warehouse storage solutions.

Wall-to-Wall Capabilities

With its twofold approach for integrated capabilities it’s an advantage for the automation robotics warehouse logistics processes.
  • AGVs with customisable payload options ensure a flexible and efficient platform.
  • Our advanced imaging technologies provide intelligent data collection methods during warehouse robotics logistics operation. It reduces human errors, shorten cycle times and increase the accuracy of inventory measurement.

Start your journey with us Today

At DEUS Robotics, we’re working to build the future of AGV technology. Our company develops and manufactures technology for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) – machines that are revolutionizing the way we move things around our factories, warehouses and distribution centers. All to optimize our customers’ businesses.

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